101KVA-500KVA Diesel Generator Powered by Lister Petter

Introducing the Tide Power commercial diesel generator set powered by Lister Petter. Tailored for businesses, schools, and other commercial applications, this range of large diesel generators has been engineered to provide robust power, effectively addressing the amplified requirements of these dynamic settings.

  • Galvanised and powder coated canopy to 74db@7m.
  • 24hr bunded base fuel tank.
  • Highly efficient water-cooled Lister Petter diesel engine.
  • Deep Sea Electronics Controllers.
  • Battery isolators
  • 4P main circuit breakers

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Constituting part of our standardised Tide Power selection, this range of commercial backup generators is powered by the renowned Lister Petter, 1500rpm Lister Petter industrial diesel engine known for their unmatched reliability and efficiency. Fine-tuned for commercial applications, this range of large diesel generators ensure unwavering power supply for businesses of all sizes.

Housing a set-mounted radiator and an engine-driven pusher fan, these substantial diesel generators are primed to maintain impeccable cooling even in the most challenging scenarios. They also boast a cutting-edge brushless Leroy Sommer alternator which promises a consistent and dependable power output, even during fluctuating loads.

Enhance your commercial setup with the confidence that the Tide Power commercial power generator offers — a reliable partner in providing top-notch power when it matters most. Whether it's for your enterprise or small business, our comprehensive range of large commercial generators for sale guarantees the perfect match for your requirements.


Our warranty offers coverage of 24 months or 2000 hours. Lister Petter extended warranty upon request.
Please see our warranty terms here (add link to warranty document)

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